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I am writing this letter of gratitude and praise for the excellent skills and knowledge that you displayed in performing surgery on my hand.

The squamous cell carcinoma that was on the left hand has healed beautifully. I wasn’t concerned about the healing process as much as I was about the results. The results are a perfect ten!! It has not been, but a scant eight weeks, and the scar is barely visible!! You did a wonderful job, and I couldn’t be more pleased! I was most fortunate to have had a surgeon of your caliber. I want to say ‘thank you’, and I did not have to go to Charleston, Duke, or Mayo!! Spartanburg is very blessed and so am I.

- CC (after hand surgery)

Thank you for fixing one of my silly mistakes!

-RB (after boxer's fracture repaired in their hand)

Dear Dr. Hobbs,

Thank you for fixing my hand. It does not hurt. I can’t wait to get back to school.

- SW (after tendon repair and laceration of hand)

I would just like to thank you because it has made a big difference in the quality of my life. All too often you see the patients at their worst instead of the end result. I just wanted you to know that my hands have not felt this good in many years. Right now I am pain free and I sincerely want to THANK YOU!

- BM (after joint replacements in the hand due to rheumatoid arthritis)

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