Baiyin, China 2008

Compassionate care. Exceptional Results.

Baiyin, China

Spring 2008

Each time Dr. Hobbs travels to China he has noticed how much the country as a whole has changed economically. Their transition into the twenty-first century has been amazing. This trip was the first time that Dr. Hobbs was able to call home via skype. It was a new and enjoyable experience.

Baiyin is a large city located in the province of Gansu, north central China, and where approximately 275,000 people live. The famous Yellow River flows through the city as a beautiful clear waterway…not yellow as in its name. Farms and orchards line the banks providing much produce. North of the city is a national park called the Yellow River Stone Forest that features fascinating natural stone column formations.

The stories of changed lives through cleft lip and palate surgeries are special and unique to each patient. This trip managed to impact 136 patients with 176 procedures. The children are often too young to appreciate the result of the surgery but the parents are overjoyed! It is not uncommon to see a parent or grand-parent express deep gratitude. Parents all over the world want the best for their children but cannot always find it. Fortunately, these parents found the corrective surgery their children needed.