Kabul, Afghanistan 2006

Compassionate care. Exceptional Results.

Kabul, Afghanistan


Throughout history the location of Afghanistan has made it the crossroad of business and migration between the East and West.  This has resulted in many years of war that have dramatically impacted the people and the economy.

The political turmoil was displayed in the ruined palace within walking distance of the hospital. Kabul, the capital, was a beautiful city but has lacked enough stability for amenities. Security was tight going to and from the hospital. Each trip had to be done via a different route and it was obvious that the country had been affected by war.

A wide spectrum of cases was done including cleft lips and palates, many burns, hand and foot surgery. Keloids and ear burns had resulted in unusual deformities. The team had the privilege of serving many of the local people and some from hundreds of miles away.

Medical care in Afghanistan is also restricted by the terrain. Homes are often on high hillsides and away from good roads.